New video on Tesco Fresh ‘n’ Easy case

Michelle Lowe (of Southampton University and Lead Fellow in Innovation with AIM – the Advanced Institute of Management Research) has been carrying out a long-term study of Tesco’s entry into the US market with its ‘Fresh’n’Easy’ store brand. This work offers a great insight into retail innovation but also picks up many examples of how an integrated approach – in product/service, in operating and business processes, in positioning innovation in a new market and in the underlying business model (creating a neighbourhood store for all types of customer) is developed, deployed and can contribute to competitive advantage.

There is a detailed case study of this on the website and Michele has now made a video featuring interview and other detail from the research which is available here

One of the main thrusts of the AIM programme has been research on innovation and you can find not only Michelle’s video but a wide range of other useful innovation-related resources – videos, executive briefings, reports, etc. – on their website.

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