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Report on 4th ISPIM Symposium, Wellington, New Zealand, 30th November – 2nd December.


This was the latest in the ISPIM symposium series and John was invited to deliver a keynote address which was based on the recent AIM report on Open Collective Innovation (downloadable from


The conference drew around 120 participants from a wide range of countries and there were some fascinating papers form both academic and industrial perspectives.  It was particularly interesting to hear how New Zealand firms are dealing with the challenge of connecting into the world innovation system – with a growing concentration on high tech entrepreneurial business creation.  Examples included Mesynthes – a company specializing in active wound care using skin regeneration  ( and Minimonos – an online game for children which has managed to build a population of around 250,000 users playing games around a strong sustainability theme ( .  I managed to do a video interview with Melissa Clark-Reynolds, the founder (and ‘Alpha Monkey’ – great job title!) and will post it on the website shortly to be followed by a case study of the company.


On the same trip I spent a week with colleagues at Queensland University of Technology who hosted my visit (and also that of Frances Joergensen of Aarhus University who is working in aspects of HR and innovation with Karen Becker of QUT). In addition to various discussions round joint research, we ran a workshop with the State Department for Employment, Economic Development and Innovation (DEEDI) hosted by the Chief Scientist.


I also gave a talk in Melbourne at the launch event of the Victoria Universities Innovation Management Network, a grouping of 9 universities with shared interests in the topic and a variety of public and private sector organizations.  (Contact Andrew O’Loughlin of Deakin University for more details:



Other speeches came from innovation managers in Robert Bosch and Siemens, both of whom spoke to the wider theme of sustainability and innovation.  It will be interesting to see this network develop, especially as the 2013 ISPIM Symposium will take place in Melbourne and should provide an additional focus for research and experience-sharing.



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