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Open Collective Innovation

A new report is available from the AIM website and free to download – ‘Open collective innovation’ by John Bessant and Kathrin Moeslein. It looks at the ways in which the rapidly changing knowledge context can be tapped into by a variety fo new tools and approaches, especially using Web.20 opportunities. See for more.

CINET conference review

Review of 12th CINET (Continuous innovation Network) conference, Aarhus University Business School, Denmark, September 10-12, 2011.

As usual a wide range of participants from around 12 countries with, inevitably given the location, a strong Scandinavian showing. The keynote academic address was by Charles Snow of Penn State University who talked about the growing importance of collaborative innovation.

There were also some excellent industrial presentations form Novo-Nordisk, Arla Foods, Pressalit and Unisense – these confirmed my view that there is a high level of sophistication in the Danish approach to innovation management – I was particularly struck by how much they were reflecting on how they had changed their approaches during the past few years to reflect an increasingly strong and very active user-led approach.

Around 70 papers on a variety of themes but with quite a few dealing with aspects of open innovation. This included an interesting case study from the University of Pisa, Italy which was runner-up in the ‘Best paper’ award and dealt with different IP strategies in a range of firms trying to operate in open innovation mode. (Valentina Lazzarotti, Raffaella Manzini and Luisa Pellegrini,Protecting IP in the Era of Open Innovation: an Empirical Study in Italy.)

The best paper award went to Özge Cokpekin and Mette Præst Knudsen of the University of Southern Denmark for a survey-based piece about organizing for creativity. This was one of a number of papers which picked up on some of the psychological aspects of innovation, a trend which was also evident in the recent ISPIM and EURAM conferences.

Details of the conference and CINET are available from the website

EURAM 2012 – call for papers

The European Academy of Management (EURAM) is hosting its 2012 conference in Rotterdam and the call for papers has just been published.  There is a very active Special Interest Group (SIG) – of which John happens to be the Chair!  This time we have a wide range of tracks – see below – and we are hoping for a flood of good and interesting papers!

For more details see

SIG Innovation tracks

  1. Innovation – Into the Future General Track
  2. Open Innovation
  3. Front End of Innovation
  4. Supply Chain Innovation
  5. Organizing creativity for innovation: Multidisciplinary perspectives, theories, and practices
  6. Innovation in Chinese Firms
  7. Innovation in Indian Firms
  8. Service Innovation & Hybrid Value Creation
  9. Business Model Innovation and Transformation
  10. Business Model Innovation
  11. Managing Innovation in Ecosystems
  12. ICT-enabled Innovations
  13. Frontiers of Foresight of Innovations
  14. Managing service innovation
  15. Innovation and Sport, Improving Products, Management and Techniques for Performance (Cross SIG Track Innovation & Sport as Business)
  16. The Times They Are Changing: Boundaries, territories, and organizations